Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time to get RetroGraded

So recently I embarked on a quest to finally beat all those old NES games I never finished as a child. I didn't have a very long attention span and the only game out of the 50 or so I own that I actually remember beating is Adventure Island.

I figured with age came experience. I've played enough Geometry Wars that my hand eye coordination should be amazing right? After spending a frustrating few days with Dr. Mario, Burger Time and Doki Doki Panic (my three favorites as a kid) I realized that this wasn't the case. I actually think I've somehow gotten worse.

Since I made this pact with myself I've started about 10 games, but haven't finished any of them. Well the time has come to rectify this. Time to grab the Dr. Pepper, put on my Power Glove, and beat these suckers.

It's time to achieve glory. 8-bit style.

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