Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Majora's Mask Part 1 of AUGH THE MOOOONNN!

In case you didn't know, today, (well technically yesterday) was the 25th anniversary of the release of The Legend of Zelda. In honor of this I played about 15 minutes of the original NES game in all its golden cartridge glory.

Then promptly got lost in the woods, gave up, and decided to play something else.

So I decided on Majora's Mask which is a game I hadn't played before but I've heard lots of good things about. My local gamestore didn't have a copy of the N64 version so I decided to just buy it on the wii. Which, while I intensely dislike the gamepad controller for the wii, is convenient and I'm lazy so it all worked out.

So the game starts out lovely. The sun is shining, the music is upbeat and delightful, I'm cruising the forest on my pony, I mean my horse, and then suddenly, some jerk in a mask and his two hench-fairies, come out of nowhere and steal my horse! The jerks. Link gives chase only to find out that not only did he apparently kill my pony-horse but he stole my ocarina and then turned me into a depressed emo tiki guy. Sad Deku Link is sad.

So I get my own personal fairy assistant who is 8 million times less annoying than Navi. So far not a single instance of: HEY LISTEN. So I have to get a creepy peddler his mask back in 3 days. From some guy named SKULL KID. Shouldn't be that hard right? Except that 3 days is only about 35 minutes in game. So uh.. Sorry about this people of Clock Town.

So far I've played hide and seek with a bunch of kids who I half expected to hit me with yo-yo's while screaming PK FIRE, I kicked a chicken, got a nifty wallet and let a disembodied hand coming out of a toilet wipe itself with the deed to a giant flower. All in all today was time well spent. I've got to say I can't really take a villain named SKULL KID all that seriously, even with the mask of doom and the ability to make the moon try to eat me. But I was pretty impressed with the way the days passed. At the end of each day the clocktower bongs the time and the screen closes in on you. Slowly. In time with the clock. Cue the panic.

So I'm two hours into the game. Which would be a lot less if I hadn't casually wandered around town talking to jugglers while being threatened with the most deadly lunar eclipse in history. So now the game really begins.

Total Time: 2:20
Moon Based Deaths: 1
Chickens Kicked: 1
Masks: 1/31

Saturday, February 5, 2011

For your viewing pleasure

New and improved header drawn by the amazing Matthew Elser.

And yes that's me.

And that is exactly how I play every game ever.

Don't touch R.O.B. He has an itchy trigger finger. And he cheats at duck hunt.